Rob, I received your report. You did a really thorough job and we appreciate it. Thanks so much for getting it back to us so quickly.  Take care!

Rob, thank you for the update. You did a very good job in Excelsior, as always.  We are pleased to continue using your services as opportunities arise.

Rob, thank you so much for helping us with the house inspection. It is such a big purchase, it was great to have someone we trust there with us!

Rob, we can’t thank you enough for doing the inspection on our house. We appreciate the time you took on the inspection and for expressing your concerns to us. Because of your immediate concerns, the sellers were able to address the problems appropriately.  Thank you!

I really appreciate all the extra time you took with me. I feel a little more comfortable making this move with the knowledge I have gained from your inspection of the property. This is quite a stretch for me from being in a marriage situation for 25 years and now more or less on my own, so appreciate your generosity of your time!  Thanks again!

Thanks much Rob! You were a great help and very informative!  Keep up the great work!