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Buying a home is a big investment, and a big decision. Get a home inspection to make sure there are no surprises!

tewtGetting a home inspection will give you a snapshot of your prospective new home, arming you with important details to help you make an educated decision.  Your home inspection will outline any negative issues with the home, as well as the positive aspects too.

You’ll gain insight into any short or long term maintenance needs, and have a better understanding of the home you are wanting to buy.  You can trust our expertise, our history, and our overall knowledge to provide you with an accurate inspection, so you can have peace of mind in truly knowing what you are buying.

home inspectionHow long will an inspection take?

The average home inspection will take approximately 3 hours.

After the inspection we will walk you through the home pointing out any deficiencies, positive attributes and recommendations for maintenance. We will stay as long as necessary to answer any questions you may have.

Inspection ReportYou get a comprehensive inspection report, with pictures and detailed information!

You will then receive a computer generated report complete with pictures within 24 hours of the inspection.  We will be available after you receive the report to answer any further questions you may have.

  • The exterior and grounds
  • The roof
  • The interior
  • Structural components
  • Plumbing
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical

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Commercial InspectionResidential & Commercial

We are happy to provide our inspection services to both residential and commercial customers.  We can handle all of your home or building inspection needs.

No matter if you are looking for a new home, or a new location for your business – we are here to help!

Put our trusted knowledge and experience to work, for you.

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What Is Buyers Home Inspection?

Commercial Inspection ServiceBuyers Home Inspections Maple Grove is an expert service that exposes the unconstructive and negative issues thus highlighting the affirmative and positive uses of the home. Purchasing a house is a big investment and with our maple grove home inspection service at Vision Property Inspections, we help in making you the right decision. Acquiring a buyer’s assessment gives the homeowner a picture of the prospective new property along with other vital information which further helps in making a better decision.

Tips for Buyers Inspection

With our expert team at Maple Grove home inspectors, we share some tips with which you can get maximum benefits and the most out of a Maple Grove’s home inspection. The priority of your home is yours and your family’s health to get the house tested for mold and other pests. Other points to keep in mind while looking for housing inspections are to pay equal importance to the roof, exterior, grounds, structural components, plumbing, ventilation as well as the interior. The standard home inspection takes just about three hours. After this, our team of experts will walk you through the property showing out anything that may be good or bad and other maintenance recommendations. And do not worry about the time that may take for the consultation process as we are there to solve all your queries.

Consultation for Residential Properties

Home Inspection ServiceOur consultation and Maple Grove home inspection services with for any sort of residential properties are the best-in-class. And our team is available for you all the time – you have a question, just ask us or request a call back and you can also check an available time slot for us to visit. Whatever your requirement may be, with Maple Grove home inspector we have you covered. If you have any queries with regards to any sort of building and old or new constructions in Maple Grove, our inspectors are more than happy to resolve them. Our service is such wherein we give a detailed report along with site images within twenty-four hours of the visit. After you receive the report and images you can get back to us in case you have further discussions.

What Is Sellers Home Inspection?

Similar to Buyers Home Inspection, we also offer Sellers Home Inspection in Maple Grove and that too is very advantageous. When you get sellers inspection it helps in identifying what it lacking or any sort of problems that have shown up in the structure. This house inspection service gives the seller a prospect to make changes prior to listing the home for selling.

Tips for Sellers Inspection

Our Sellers Inspection service gives you maximum benefits and the most out of a Home Inspection which includes assessment of the entire exterior area, the roof, and grounds. Also important are the structural elements such as plumbing, ventilation, heating, electrical connections. An average inspection takes approximately three hours to complete. According to the process, once the inspection is over, our inspectors will take you around the property and show you anything which has positive or negative features. Our maple grove home inspections also give you recommendations on what has to be done for better maintenance. Our team stays at your site for as long as your queries are not resolved as we believe in solving all customer queries.

Consultation for Commercial Properties

Along with residential properties, we also offer service for commercial properties in Maple Grove. And it is our years of experience in construction and inspection that we have developed a team of experts who know how to carry out a housing inspection with professionalism. We, at home inspection Maple Grove, show you all the good and bad features that are currently present or a potential future issue and also remedies of how to solve them. For commercial properties, the areas we inspect are the exterior area and structural elements along with the ground, roof, windows, etc. The time taken for inspecting a commercial building depends on the size and area of the building – which can range from days to weeks.

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If you want a quote right now, give us a call at 763-420-4223 or you can send an email at And in case you stay in Maple Grove then do drop in to book an appointment. Our address is 8524 Rosewood Court, Maple Grove, MN 55369. Our expert team of home inspectors will be more than happy to be of help wherein you need their assistance regarding home inspection Maple Grove, a property, building, new or old construction.

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